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Bench Marketing is the process of marketing candidates who are on someone’s payroll to find them suitable projects. We at Cyitechsearch RPO have a team of seasoned Bench Marketing professionals who have experience marketing not only H1-Bs and OPT-EADs but Green Card, Green Card-EAD, US Citizens and TN Visa holders as well as finding new candidates to market as well.

Whether you have single candidate or too many on bench, do not worry, our Bench Marketing Specialist work in such a fashion that they’ll find jobs for your current bench and when there is zero bench, they create it by getting you new candidates. In a way, they are not just Bench Sales Recruiters, but also your Sales Specialist, who can help you grow more business.

For an individual to be a good bench sales recruiter, they need to follow some practices and keep themselves updated on new tools & techniques. Nowadays, posting Hotlist on only Google/Yahoo Groups or floating it through email campaign will not help, instead in order to get your Hotlist visible to one and all, you need to float it as much as possible without leaving a single source of marketing, whether it is a job board, social media platform, online forums, online groups and others. Also, building relationship with direct vendors is the key in getting right requirements for your candidates. Bench Sales Recruiters at Cyitechsearch RPO have good relationship with many direct vendors and being a RPO, we our self-have many clients who are direct vendors to many MSPs, direct client as well as Implementation Partners, giving you an edge over your competition.

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